How is online journalism changing media as we know it?

Weeks ago, a PBA Finals match-up was played. I think it was the last game of the seven-game series. I was out of the house. While the game was ongoing, I didn’t have access to a TV, but I had internet. I was so bored that I was just watching my Twitter feed refresh and refresh, waiting for interesting updates.

I didn’t have to wait too long for those tweets to come. During the final few minutes of the game, when it was close, a stream of tweets came in, most of them talking about the game situation. This went on for the rest of the game until it ended, and even then, the tweets about the game never ceased.

Without seeing the game on TV, it still seemed like I watched it. I felt the tension of the airtight contest just by reading tweets, thanks to Twitter.

That has been one of, if not the best change media has experienced because of online journ. Speed is the name of the game now. All it takes is 140 characters to deliver news. And those 140 may also bring to life the characters in the story by way of photos, videos, and audio clips.


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