Monthly Archives: July 2012

State of the Nation Apparel 2012

For the first time, I watched the State of the Nation Address (SONA) with a purpose. Unlike in previous years when I would just tune in to hear what the president has to say, this year I was more attentive. Well, you can’t be inattentive when you are tasked to live tweet about it. Sensible […]

Cornerstone Missing

With the needed documents at hand, I left Muntinlupa’s police station and went back home. With hours to go before the 3pm deadline, I still had time to eat lunch, like and comment on a few – or maybe a lot of – Facebook statuses, write the article, rewrite it, and rewrite it again. Repeat […]

LOL: Love Online (no, not the Filipino film of the same title)

It was not a grand conversation. It was not about food. It was not even about them. It was simply a conversation about Glee. That was how Joy Cabaltera met Jeff Tagle online. Through Twitter, they talked Glee. That was almost two years ago in September 2010. Around that time, Glee’s second season was starting. […]