A slam dunk site, and one that’s tumbling down

For a significant amount of my internet-surfing life, which amounts to about six or seven years, one subject trumps all: the NBA. I’ve been immersed neck-deep in it ever since 2001 when I was 9. It wasn’t until 2005 when I started reading about it regularly.

Every afternoon, once I get home, I would go straight to the PC, open Internet Explorer, go to an NBA site, and check that day’s game results. If I could make my own newspaper, it would be all about the NBA.

Which brings me to my favorite site. You’d probably think that since I read a lot of NBA, then NBA.com would be my favorite web page. No, it’s not. It’s actually the NBA portal of Yahoo! Sports (NYS). Why? Well…

  • our PC’s homepage back then was Yahoo!, hence it was easier to navigate to Yahoo! Sports
  • NBA.com and NYS report on the NBA. They have the same results displayed in their sites. They MUST have the same results displayed; otherwise, Mr. Commissioner David Stern, we have a problem.
  • We didn’t have a decently fast internet connection back then. NBA.com loaded slower and I wanted to save time, so I opted for NYS.

These are actually the reasons why I started visiting NYS regularly. And since I am a creature of habit, I became a regular. And, just like NBA.com, it’s got all I need: scores, news, game recaps, analysis, opinion, columns. It also has a blog which I find entertaining at times.


On the other hand, if I have a favorite, of course I also have a site I don’t like. I like all the sites I visit regularly because, hey, why regularly visit a site you dislike?

Here’s a clue about the site. It has lots of users, I have a number of friends with accounts here, you may also have a lot of friends with accounts here, its name is something you can put water in. Last clue: it starts with T and ends with R.

No, not Twitter. It’s Tumblr.

I actually have a Tumblr account. I used it for about 3 minutes then shelved it. Remember I said our internet connection wasn’t the best? I was setting up my account back then, but it took forever for the page to load. I just stopped and said, “Oh, the heck with this.”

That was three years ago. But looking at my friends’ Tumblr accounts now,  majority of the posts I see are not original. They’re just reblogs of other people’s posts. That idea just doesn’t fit well with me. I mean, why reblog, why not just blog? Reblogging seems superficial. Sure, WordPress has the reblog feature, but content generation is still the name of the game.

Which is why I commend those who post original creations on their Tumblr accounts.


I can’t think of any more sites I hate. But I can come up with more of my beloved sites. Simply put, I like simplicity and ease of use, and those sites which are slow-internet-connection-friendly.


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