MVP riding the digital age

Embrace it.

This is how Manny V. Pangilinan wanted to respond to the digital age.

MVP delivered a speech yesterday at the 6th Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Summit.

He said that “we must embrace, rather than resist, the digital tsunami.”

The business tycoon said his plans for the telecommunications companies that he owns.

PLDT would continuously upgrade bandwidth support to accommodate more customers. Smart, on the other hand will launch its 4G network capable of 42MBps data delivery.

“Access to high-speed mobile internet will therefore become more widely available all over the country,” he said.

Pangilinan also praised Apple and the emergence of smartphones and tablets.

“Apple has succeeded because their devices put context with the customer, especially with the application universe, which makes Apple devices more interesting,” he said.

To ride this trend, MVP mentioned that offering media services such as local playslists, music, and video, will benefit customers.

While MVP made statements when it comes to digital matters, he admitted that he is not digital himself.

“I must admit I’m not a digital native or a certified techie,” MVP said.

“For my heart to be truly in digital, it’s time to act like a digital native.”


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