Big things come in small packages like iPhones

As I type this sentence on my laptop, I’m also using my tablet for Twitter. Multitasking is what it’s called.

I’m not alone. Based on a study, that’s exactly what’s happening. The Google research I mentioned earlier showed that consumers still use the television the most, watching 43 minutes per day. On the side, though, they also use their smartphones.

An Apple A Day

The study found that most online activities begin on a smartphone. I see a breaking news tweet about Jesse Robredo’s plane crashing and I go to a news channel on the nearest TV screen. I read a Facebook status saying UP is winning against Ateneo in the fourth quarter then I turn on the TV and cheer for UP.

It starts on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop. Bottom line: it starts online.

This makes life tougher for journalists. Who reads physical newspapers now, that bulky set of wrappers used in markets to wrap fish? Compare that to an iPad, for example, or an iPhone. Smaller in size and  is more functional than a physical newspaper. One would rather go online.

But because of social media, journalists are not the lone news reporters anymore. Anyone with a Twitter account can now be journalists. The only difference between me and TJ Manotoc reporting play-by-play what goes on in an Ateneo-UP game is the number of followers he has compared to me.

Those with access to smartphones/tablets will use that technology instead of traditional media for information. These technologies serve as guides to what people will look for elsewhere. I’ve had instances where I was surfing Twitter in a mall, found something interesting, and looked it up on TV or in my laptop when I got home.

The study’s results are probably not as apparent here in the Philippines as it is in the US. But to those who have access to portable, online-capable gadgets, these results apply (case in point, me).


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