It was not a grand conversation. It was not about food. It was not even about them. It was simply a conversation about Glee. That was how Joy Cabaltera met Jeff Tagle online. Through Twitter, they talked Glee. That was almost two years ago in September 2010. Around that time, Glee’s second season was starting. […]

The saying “change is the only constant thing in the world” is very true in the world of journalism. Information dissemination is the primary aim of the profession. At this age, when information is fast and abundant, changes in journalism happen rapidly. Gone are the days when the public hear the news 24 hours after […]

Weeks ago, a PBA Finals match-up was played. I think it was the last game of the seven-game series. I was out of the house. While the game was ongoing, I didn’t have access to a TV, but I had internet. I was so bored that I was just watching my Twitter feed refresh and […]